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Planning Ahead to Stay Ahead: The Media Landscape in 2025

With the media landscape in flux in the Covid-19 era, it’s easy to become fixated on the present. Yet if there’s anything “these unprecedented times” have taught us, it’s that we must expect the unexpected. If we want our businesses to have any longevity, we must plan ahead to stay ahead. With this in mind, D3 have undertaken extensive research to identify the top 10 factors that will impact your acquisition of customers over the next five years.

So, what awaits us in our digitised, post-Covid future?

The digitisation of traditional media will accelerate in three key ways.

It’s no secret that broadcast media is becoming less cost efficient. A plethora of platforms has created fragmented audiences. Combine this with accelerating production costs, and free-to-air media is doomed to financial unsustainability for media owners and advertisers alike. By 2025, digital and ‘traditional’ media will have blurred in three key ways.

  • Out-of-home media will be predominately digital with real-time audience demographics, interests and environmental factors (e.g. weather).
  • Television will be dominated by Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) and digital streaming, resulting in advanced audience targeting opportunities.
  • Magazines and press will only exist within digital channels and will be primarily subscription based.

Marketing budgets will respond by increasing their spending on digital.

Advertising and marketing budgets show no sign of slowing down in their shift towards digital channels. As it stands, the global players – Google and Facebook – take 0.85 cents in every dollar spent on digital media. Within ten years, the digital ad share has more than doubled, with online ad budgets already surpassing TV. This gap is likely to grow in the coming years, as large digital platform companies already generate similar reach through video on demand, social, or messaging functionalities.

As audiences migrate towards a heavily fractured digital media landscape, brands will ultimately be forced to shift media investment to more targeted digital channels, aligned with specific messaging to resonate with each of them.

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