Rob Delany

Business Executive

  • Rob
  • What do you actually do at D3?

    Aid in client services and delivering client campaigns. Responsible for day-to-day account management, post analysis matching and financial administration.

    What makes you invaluable to D3?

    I originate from a heavy science background, resulting in a strong skillset in data analysis and researching behavioural trends. With a strong extroverted personality, I am able to ensure long-lasting and trusted partnerships with clients.

    What do you do to put your clients’ needs and results first?

    Each of our clients are all professionals in their respective fields. With each new campaign, this offers the chance to learn off our client's experience and add to the catalogue of our own skillset. This two-way relationship improves the efficiency and trust in each other's work ethic.

    What has been your biggest success since joining D3?

    Being able to learn from the best in the business and at fast pace, I've been able to jump straight into the media business at record speed. Although I have only just started, I hope to be managing clients in January.

    What D3 value do you most align to?

    Authenticity - good things take time. To achieve quality results, one to be patient and put in the mahi. This also means one needs to be transparent and communicate through every step of the journey.

    If you had a superpower what would it be?

    Being able to see two minutes into the future.