Alex Radford

Co-founder and Partner

  • Alex Radford
  • What do you actually do at D3?

    Work really hard for our clients, obviously, run the business alongside Richard, try and do some sales and marketing, network, research new technology, build dashboards, and well, anything else that needs doing!

    What makes you invaluable to D3?

    I’ve been involved in digital advertising since 1998 building magazine websites in Dreamweaver (now owned by Adobe), and since then I’ve worked in London during the dot com boom, and subsequent crash, built my own dot com business, and taught myself all the basics around SEO, SEM and analytics. Since moving to NZ, I’ve run the largest search team in the country, built out a Trans-Tasman programmatic team, and for the four years previous to starting D3 was responsible for the digital output of all Dentsu agencies across the likes of ASB, Air NZ, Holden, Trustpower and Les Mills. So all in all, in terms of digital, I’ve been there, done that, and have the t-shirt! I also love tech and gadgets, so I actually remember the first time in ‘98 that my boss told me to check out this new search engine called Google, and I placed my first order with Amazon in March 1999 (the book Bombardiers by Po Bronson if you must know, and still one of my favourites), joined Twitter 13 years ago, and still have the original iPhone!

    What do you do to put your clients’ needs and results first?

    I love a good process, and I love to try new technology, so my passion is to find new and better ways to make the team more efficient and effective, especially for day to day tasks so we can as a team focus more on the work and the projects that will make a real difference to our clients.

    What has been your biggest success since joining D3?

    It will always be giving our two foundation clients the confidence in us and our vision to leave their network agencies and be part of the D3 journey.

    What D3 value do you most align to?

    Definitely innovation. Our industry really does sit at the cutting edge of technology so being able to use technology to solve our clients problems or to streamline our internal workflow is really exciting. At the moment I’m fascinated with real-time dashboards, as well as creative ways of how to use data to power insights and learnings.

    If you had a superpower what would it be?

    Teleportation. Breakfast in Rome, Lunch in the Maldives, and dinner in Ibiza. Need I say more...