D3 launching in Sydney

Hello D3 Sydney

Starting this September, D3 will be opening its doors in Sydney. It's an exciting leap for us, and one we've been itching to share.

Why Sydney, you ask? Well, several of our clients have been expanding their businesses into Australia. And as you know, at D3, we're all about staying close to the pulse, ensuring we're right where we need to be to provide that top-notch support. Sydney, with its vibrant business ecosystem, presented itself as the perfect spot for our next move.

Our commitment to digital media, SEO, data analysis, and strategic media planning doesn't change just because we're in a new location. If anything, this expansion gives us a chance to tap into fresh markets, data, and insights to bring even more value to our clients. It’s a win-win!

We’ll keep

things buzzing back home in New Zealand. But with a foot now firmly planted in Oz, we can ensure a seamless experience for our clients who operate in both regions. Plus, it's a brilliant opportunity to embrace and learn from the dynamism of the Australian market.

To our existing clients, thank you for being part of our journey. Your trust and collaboration have been instrumental in bringing D3 to where it is today. And to the businesses in Australia: we can’t wait to partner with you, decode the intricacies of the digital landscape together, and craft some smashing campaigns!

Looking forward to a ripper of a time in Sydney. Here's to new adventures, challenges, and a whole lot of data-driven success!