Media Awards? No thanks...

Awards Punch

In the world of advertising, where accolades are often pursued as symbols of success, we at D3 have charted a different course. An old boss of mine once observed an hour into a three-hour awards ceremony, which still resonates deeply with me: "...the number of award ceremonies an industry has must be inversely proportional to its fundamental importance."

As I ponder the last five years of D3's existence, I am often reminded of the stark contrast between the tangible results we deliver and the ornamental nature of advertising awards. These awards, while glamorous, can sometimes distract from the essence of our industry – impactful creativity and strategy. They often breed an environment more concerned with internal applause than with real-world effectiveness.

Consider the professions that form the backbone of our society – like nursing or teaching. These roles, vital and selfless, rarely receive the fanfare of awards. Yet, their impact is undeniable and far-reaching. This disparity is not lost on us at D3. It highlights a truth we hold dear – true importance and value often exist away from the spotlight of galas and ceremonies.

At D3, we channel our energies into what genuinely matters – our clients and our team. Instead of allocating resources to chase awards, we invest in understanding and growing our clients' businesses. This approach not only brings us closer to our clients but also roots us in the reality of the market.

Similarly, the funds that could have been spent on award submissions and ceremonies are instead invested in our team. Regular team events, professional development sessions, and creative workshops form the bedrock of our culture. These initiatives foster a sense of unity and purpose, driving us to innovate and excel.

As I reflect on our journey, I am struck by the countless successful campaigns and the positive feedback from our clients. These accomplishments, devoid of any external validation, are our true rewards. They represent the real impact of our work – a testament to our dedication and skill.

In a world enamoured with the glitz of awards, D3 stands as a testament to an alternative philosophy. We believe the true measure of our success is not found in trophies, but in the growth of our clients' businesses and the development of our team. Our commitment is to substance over show, to tangible results over industry recognition. This is the path we choose – one of authenticity, impact, and genuine progress.

And don't get me started on the "humble bragging" that follows winning an award that you "wrote", entered, paid for, and lobbied for...