Tourism New Zealand

Try Something New New Zealand

The Brief

Cast your mind back to May 2020. The first lockdown had just ended, but uncertainty was rife. For Tourism New Zealand, this was the first stage in resetting and rebuilding the Tourism industry in New Zealand.

With borders shut we need to let Kiwis know that the tourism industry was still here, and to begin to excite the population about a domestic holiday and position New Zealand as a great alternative to an overseas holiday.

How was success to be measured?
Shift in intent

The D3 Difference

With nimble processes and a fast thinking team, we were able to work brilliantly with the Client, NZ publishers, and the Creative agency to deliver an omni-channel campaign in record time that resonated with the NZ public at a time when they needed some positivity!

  • Delivered more than 11 million video completed views across premium video sites
  • Reached more than 3 million people across mass reach channels including TV, Outdoor, High Impact Buys and ROS placements
  • >30 million impressions and >120,000 clicks to deliver a campaign level CTR of 0.43%
  • Overall intent uplift of >5 points
Kiwis reached in 2 weeks!
Click Through Rate