Ruby Johnston

Media Executive

  • Ruby
  • What do you actually do at D3?

    I provide support to business managers by actively engaging in campaign planning, assisting in client management, and contributing to the decision-making process.

    What makes you invaluable to D3?

    My enthusiasm, people skills, and love for what I do make me a great asset to D3. I enjoy building strong relationships with clients, which helps our projects and business succeed.

    What do you do to put your clients’ needs and results first?

    Develop an understanding of the client's brand, their products or services, and their primary objectives. This, in turn, allows our team to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    What has been your biggest success since joining D3?

    My most significant success since joining D3 has been the opportunity to learn from my exceptional colleagues. I find that I learn something new every day, which is incredibly rewarding.

    What D3 value do you most align to?

    Fun! D3 really embraces this value, creating an enjoyable workplace where teamwork flourishes and leads to excellent results for our clients.

    If you had a superpower what would it be?

    Time travel or teleportation!