Tom Acheson-Gray

Head of Performance & Data

  • Tom ag
  • What do you actually do at D3?

    My job is to make sure that we are using marketing technology in the best way, to drive results for our clients. I split time between supporting the performance team, working with clients directly, managing relationships with ad partners, and product expansion. My background is in performance digital channels, as well as spending the last 3 years as a Google Marketing Platform consultant. I’ve been able to work across clients of varying size & across lots of different industries as a result.

    What makes you invaluable to D3?

    I make a seriously good cup of tea. On top of this, I have a very solid understanding of all the ad & data platforms that the team are using each day.

    What do you do to put your clients’ needs and results first?

    Onboarding is crucial to get an understanding of a client’s business priorities & objectives. On top of this, I am a big believer in continual testing. This helps validate the work we’re doing, keeps us honest, as well as quantifying success to clients.

    What has been your biggest success since joining D3?

    It’s still early days, so I’m sure the best is yet to come! So far, the biggest success has been in putting together a maturity framework for all clients.

    What D3 value do you most align to?

    Innovation. The industry is one where you can’t stand still and think you know everything. Particularly with privacy features and automation. Being able to learn new things on a weekly basis is something that keeps the job remarkably interesting!

    If you had a superpower what would it be?

    Teleportation – mostly to bypass Auckland traffic