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Late last year the team at D3 worked feverishly to respond to an RFP from Metlifecare. Having recently been bought by a large global investment organization they were looking for a digitally centric media agency to assist in their growth and digital transformation.

This was a great opportunity for us at D3 to demonstrate in a pitch setting all the hard work the whole team have put into the agency over the last two years. All of the processes, the technology, the systems, and of course the people that make up the agency.

This was this first proper pitch process for D3 so it was

an amazing feeling, almost two years to the day that we set up the agency, that we were given the nod that we would be taking over the account in March.

Fast forward three months, and in just a few short days we will be officially taking over the account. And now the real work start. Most of the transition work has already been completed but now comes the real exciting bit - using our experience, ways of working and our data driven approach to become a true partner to Metlifecare's incredible business.

And equally important has been doing all of this without impacting the team or our other clients. Which, as a small agency has been the most challenging. But I think overall we have been successful in both keeping up the same level of service with our other clients, and not putting too much pressure on the team. But with a new account, comes new people so over the next few weeks we have three new people joining us... Updates on that soon!