The Co-operative Bank

"Be Big Small"
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The Challenge

After 83 years as PSIS, The Co-Operative Bank emerged to revolutionise New Zealand banking with an approach that put customers at its heart – as shareholders.

Yet with an already highly competitive finance sector marred by COVID-19, we needed to stand out to buck the trend of stagnation in credit card applications and reach a new audience to fit the new brand. We needed a paradigm shift.

Success would be achieved by increasing Fair Rate Credit Card applications by 17%.

The D3 Difference

To get noticed, we needed an irrefutable offer which responded to developing trends in real-time. Speed to market and a smart use of data was essential. We developed data-led prospecting, identified behavioural triggers and remarketed with intensity to our desired audiences. We created a highly selective television buying strategy based on core audience data. This was tied together by a weekly analysis of application data to enable regional agility and upweighting.

  • Stood out with a 0% balance transfer rate for 12 months
  • Powerful remarketing model with bespoke 20-day timeline
  • Blended 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to build 30, uniquely targeted audiences under our collective target audience
  • Identified multiple behavioural triggers suggesting potential customers

Services Performed

Be Big Small was an approach characterised by highly targeted, intent-driven media which enabled us to hit our target audience with vigour, at pivotal times, with products that were directly relevant to them.

Increase in Brand Awareness
Year on Year Applications