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Google never stops evolving, so SEO is a moving target. With decades of experience, both here in NZ and overseas, our SEO experts are some of the most senior and experienced in New Zealand and are continuously learning to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re about to kick off a site migration, expanding your business to new territories, want to audit your current site or want to grow your organic visibility, our SEO team has been there and helped a multitude of businesses like yours with a similar problem.

Our SEO Services

Our belief is that SEO is and will remain the foundation of all digital marketing. So, first we make sure that your site is built to gain the visibility that it deserves and that it stays visible no matter what updates the search engines make or what changes you decide to make within your own business. Then:

  • We work with your in-house or external teams, using your preferred technology, to ensure that your website is both easy for search engines to crawl and analyse, and for your audience to find.
  • Our technical SEO consultants behave as an extension of your team, regularly spending time on-site and acting as a bridge between marketing and development teams.
  • We use the best third-party data tools and some pretty amazing proprietary ones of our own to monitor your site, spot problems and prioritise solutions.
  • We put in place integrated measurement frameworks to make sure that SEO drives success across the business and not in a silo.

We take a realistic approach to improving your site

We’ve got the experience to understand that the perfect solution isn’t always practically possible given budget or clashing priorities. We’ll work with you to find a workaround or the next best way forward instead.

  • SEO Strategy
    Our strategic approach provides the best chance of driving sustainable improvements. Designed to give our clients the confidence and clarity on the role of SEO, both now and in the future. This also includes an accurate assessment of how best to plan your SEO investments for the best returns.
  • Technical Site Audits
    Our technical SEO audits make sure your technical implementation is as good as it can be, and provides a prioritised list of issues and recommended fixes. We also ensure that both D3 and you are held accountable to implementing the recommendations.
  • Backlink Audits
    Find out how authoritative your site is, how you compare to the competition, and how to be more authoritative in future.
  • Site Migrations
    We’ll guide you to make sure your site’s organic traffic and revenue is protected and make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Page Speed Optimisation
    We’ll evaluate your page speed and help you improve it.
  • Keyword Research
    Whether you’re forecasting commercial opportunities, considering site taxonomy, researching content ideas, or something else, our strategic keyword research provides a competitive advantage.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Learn what the competition is up to and how your business can capitalise on what it’s not doing with our SEO competitor audits.