D3acons 2024

The D3acons 2024 was nothing short of spectacular! As tradition dictates, we took a break from our busy schedules and headed to the breathtaking Kauri Bay Boomrock in Clevedon. The winter day was stunning, setting the perfect backdrop for our annual event.

The day kicked off with an insightful update on our business, focusing on our financial performance and the exciting plans for FY25. It was a great opportunity to reflect on our achievements and chart the course for the year ahead.

Post-lunch, the real fun began! We tested our skills in clay bird shooting, hit golf balls into the horizon, and tried our hand at archery. The friendly competition and the picturesque scenery made it an afternoon to remember.

As the sun began to set, we gathered for a shared dinner featuring a mouth-watering spread of lamb and veggies, and a few bottles of wine! It was a perfect way to refuel and reconnect with colleagues.

The highlight of the evening was, of course, the D3acons Awards. These are the only awards we give out, making them even more special. Here are the deserving winners who shone brightly this year:

  • Rising Star Award: Rosa Macdonald – Recognising Rosa's exceptional growth and contributions.
  • Innovation Award: James Ellis – For his creative and groundbreaking ideas that have propelled us forward.
  • Excellence Award: Matthew Chalk – Celebrating Matthew's outstanding performance and dedication.
  • Commitment Award: Tom Acheson-Gray – Honouring Tom's unwavering dedication and hard work.
  • Collaboration Award: Thiepa Sivanesan – For her exceptional teamwork and collaborative spirit.
  • Authenticity Award: Conor Hinton & Jack Cantrell – Acknowledging their genuine and honest approach in all they do.
  • The “Vicky Fletcher” Fun Award: Harvey Watts – For bringing joy and laughter to the workplace.
  • Legend of the Year 2024: Briar Ulberg – Our highest honour, recognising Briar's legendary impact and contribution.

The awards ceremony was filled with laughter and applause as we celebrated each other's successes. Fun categories like "Best Hair," "Ray of Sunshine," and "Most Likely to Be Arrested" added a light-hearted touch to the event, making it a night to remember.

At D3, we believe in recognising and celebrating our team's hard work and dedication. The D3acons 2024 was a testament to our vibrant culture and the incredible people who make it all possible. Here's to another year of growth, success, and unforgettable memories!